What are Sisterlocks

What Are Sister-locks?

What are Sister-locks?

Sister-locks are tiny, versatile dreadlocks that are made using an interlocking technique. Interlocking is a method of creating dreadlocks where instead of using a strand twisting or palm rolling technique, you use a unique gadget or tool to make the locks. Usually, Sister-locks are installed by experienced technicians who make the locks from the ends to the roots of your hair. Therefore, damage to your hair follicle is reduced since there is minimal pulling.

They almost look like loose hair if you prefer that loose hair look to traditional locks. They have pretty simple upkeep, as retightening is required around every six weeks. This style is gorgeous, and many prefer it for its versatility.

What is the origin of Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks were created in 1993 by Dr. JoAnne Cornwell. Her motivation was to find a way for black women to do their hair without using extensions or chemicals. Although this hairstyle was invented in 1993, more than two decades ago, it remains one of the most popular hairstyles for natural hair.

Dr. JoAnne Cornwell also created a hairstyle for men known as Brotherlocks. Brotherlocks are a little larger than Sisterlocks but smaller than traditional locks.

How are Sisterlocks installed?

For the official Sisterlocks installation, you will need to visit a trained and certified associate. Smaller portions of your hair and a special tool are used while installing Sisterlocks, unlike traditional locks where large amounts of hair are rolled with the palm to make them.

Sisterlocks are a unique yet trendy natural hairstyle. Before getting Sisterlocks installed, it is crucial you do thorough research and get all the information about them since it requires a huge money commitment.

Installing Sisterlocks is quite expensive and also requires maintenance and retightening. Retightening Sisterlocks is a process whereby the new hair growth at the roots is incorporated into the pre-existing Sisterlocks. You need to retighten every 4-8 weeks depending on the rate of your hair growth.

What is the right hair type for Sisterlocks?

One significant advantage of getting Sisterlocks is that they can be installed on any hair type. Whether your hair is natural or relaxed, you can them installed without any trouble. They are beautiful and stylish on curly, coarse, long and short hair as well. They would look amazing on your short hair.

However, if you want some length, you can get Sisterlocks extensions installed on your short hair until your hair grows. If you have long hair, you can style these locks into many hairstyles since they are versatile.

These locks can also be done on low-density hair. If you do not have an of hair, you would be pleased to know that you would spend lesser time getting them installed than when you have denser hair. This also translates to a reduced installation and retightening cost.

Due to their flat root texture and lightweight, they are easy to style into intricate styles. You can curl them, create waves and layers or create up-dos, the possibilities are endless. If you are not willing to go through the phases of locking your hair, Sisterlocks are the perfect choice for you.