Reasons why you need a loc maintenance regimen

Reasons Why You Need a Loc Maintenance Regimen

Reasons why you need a loc maintenance regimen

Everyone’s hair is different and has different needs. A proper daily, weekly and monthly maintenance routine of your locs will ensure that your locs remain in a perfect condition. You may need to change your regimen and products as your locs continue to develop.


You might feel the need to wash your locs after a few days. However, ensure that you do not shampoo them within the first week after installation. During this period, you should also use a large shower cap to cover your locs while showering to avoid contact with water.

As they start to mature, they may become a little messy. Therefore, to minimize this, ensure that you wear a satin cap to bed to keep them in shape especially during the first week.

A few weeks after installation would be ideal to give your locs a good cleaning. Ensure that you have rubber bands in place at the base as well as the tips of your locs to help them keep intact while cleaning. Use a residue free shampoo that will not cause product build up on your locs.

How to properly clean your locs

  • Soak your locs well with water
  • Apply the residue free shampoo. Use shampoos with natural ingredients as they are less harsh on your hair.
  • Massage the shampoo gently into your locs
  • Rinse out all the shampoo from your locs
  • Let your locs hang down in front of you by leaning over
  • Squeeze out excess water out with your hands and then wrap the locs with a clean towel to soak up any moisture left
  • Air dry or use a hair drier to dry them

Why you should maintain a loc cleaning routine

Keeping a loc cleaning regime ensures that any lint, odor, and product build up in your scalp and at the base of the locs is removed. This gives you a healthy itchy free scalp that promotes healthy growth of your hair.

Loc maintenance

Palm rolling involves taking a few hairs and rubbing them together with your fingertips to form a loc. It is done from the top to the roots of your locs to incorporate new growth into your locs. It is a great way to keep your locs in shape. You should palm roll your locs after every wash to keep them look neat and well maintained.

If you have interlocked locs, you must have them tightened if they have become quite messy. Usually interlocking is done when the loose hairs are hooked in a crotchet, pushed into the center and released in the loc without coming outside the loc. However, you should avoid over crocheting your locs as it would interfere with their natural matting process.

Why it is important to follow a loc maintenance routine

A loc maintenance routine ensures that your locs are well kept by incorporating new growth into the loc. During the retwisting process, avoid using too much product to prevent build up on your scalp and dreads. Applying just enough will give you the best results.

Moisturizing your locs

Some locs do well with a once-a-week moisturizing routine while others will need more. Start with a light application of appropriate moisturizers and add as needed. Stick with the program that works for you for healthy locs.

Conditioning moisturizes your locs. Applying a leave-in conditioner is among the best moisturizing agents since they do not leave product build up in your locs. A daily moisturizing routine ensures that you maintain healthy hair roots which promotes growth and keeps your locs soft. Brittle and dry locs breaks easily.

Know when to moisturize your locs by identifying when they lack moisture. The appearance of your locs can be an easy way of determining when they need moisture. If they look dry and feel coarse, you should moisturize them.

You can achieve this by spraying your locs with water. Natural oils can be added to the water in a spraying bottle and spritzed to your locs to further nourish your hair. Shake the bottle well to ensure that the water and the oils mix properly. After spraying, gently massage the contents on your scalp and locs with your fingertips. Adding the oils in the spray helps in preventing dry scalp. Cover your locs with a satin cap at night to avoid the loss of moisture.