Simple Loc Styles - Curls

Simple Loc Styles

Simple Loc Styles

Are you looking for a simple way of expressing yourself through a unique loc style? The following are some simple styles that you can try for your locs.

Head wraps and loc socks

Head wraps and locs socks are considered protective styles for locs that are very long. They are simple to put on and will help you look gorgeous while protecting your locs from dirt and lint.


Locs can  be curled! One way to get curls if you have locs is to use flexi rods on your hair. For best results, put them on your wet locs and let them air dry or sit under the dryer.

The curls will be well defined after your locs dry. This style is appropriate if you want your hair to look more voluminous.


If you have longer locs, a ponytail is an awesome choice. To achieve a sleek loc ponytail hairstyle, use your your dominant hand to grasp as much hair as possible. Use your other hand to gather any stray locs into your dominant hand. Keep your hand at the base of your head. in a ponytail and wrap with a silk scarf. Spray the locs with a little water to help them lay down. This is a low maintenance style which means that your hair is less manipulated. You can spice your ponytail with a front overlay where you leave some locs out on both sides are then cross them over each other. Then tuck the ends under your ponytail.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are one of the most uncomplicated loc styles. To achieve this style, you will need to knot your locs individually. It is a wash and go loc style. Also, you can let locs dry in the knots and then undo them, and you will have beautiful, well-defined curls. This is a simple way of keeping your locs away from your face.

High Bun

This style involves wrapping your locs at the top of your head in a high bun. It is an appropriate style for formal occasions.

Half Bun

Wrap half your locs in a bun with a thread at the back of your head. Leave the rest hanging freely to achieve the chic half bun loc style. It is a simple style and does not require much time to make.

Donut Bun

A perfect circular bun on top of your head is an excellent way of getting locs off your necks. It is the best loc style for hot days. You can add accessories like a bow or a bright headband around your head to achieve even a gorgeous casual look.